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June 23, 2010


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William Belle

Dearborn, Michigan: Watch out for extremists!
4 Christian missionaries arrested outside of an Arab festival. What the heck is going on?


We moved our children from Michigan worried that this was going to happen. Watching the video footage though, we would love to come home and stand with "Acts 17 Apologetics" (I will be looking to find a site on them) It is un~constitutional to take ones freedom and liberty for another without a court order. The whole country should be outraged! If more Christians don't back "Acts 17" then it will look as if they are antagonizing the muslim groups. (I don't respect any part of the cult, so I don't capitalize either!)


Go to the sites www.alrassooli.com and on youtube
ahmadsquran5 and http://the-koran.blogspot.com/ Listen
and learn,tell your friends. We all need to learn the
whole truth about this evil cult of death and we must all stand together against islam to destroy its vile
corruption of innocent children and its totally inhuman
abuses of women and much more. Keep this terribly fact
in mind, 750,000,000+ women and children have been born
into and are living in literal HELL under the darkness
and subjugation of islam. Once the light of truth is
shone upon islam its evil lie will crumble to dust.

Jesus is the Way,the Truth,and the Life
may his truth be heard by all!


Oh, and one more thing. Since all muslims must be the same I guess all Christians must be the same. So you must have believed the world was gonna end on May 21st? Well were still here! And why don't you say anything about nuns covering themselves? I don't hear you telling them they should not cover themselves. What a hypacrit. You are just racist no question about that.

doug jones

Maybe its time for a million.patriot march in deerborne.....


Islam is not a race so whomever dislikes it is not racist. So nuns cover their heads... not their faces. They are also not forced to marry against their will as young as 3 years old and are not killed because they "shamed" the family in some way.

Raehanna Ahmed

Well this is definitively an hateful way to look at things. Those people came to the Arab Festival to start trouble, there is a LOT that the cameras don't show that actually happened. There is a considerable number of Jews that live in Yemen and 50 percent of Lebanese Arabs are Christian. It is an Arab Festival, not a Muslim Festival, and it is not REQUIRED to cover your face as a Muslim, it is a choice and tradition in some cultures. The thing is, none of you know what Islam really means, it's a beautiful religion that believes in Jesus and loves him as a prophet. I cried when I read some of these hateful comments because that's not what Islam is about, and bringing Sharia law into America isn't any of our intentions. Some of my closest friends are Christian and if we can coexist happily than why can't you coexist happily with Muslims?

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